Roy is getting into NFTs! 🔥 🔥 🔥

40+ years of Roy’s art are to be released as killer NFT collections around art, surf, music, skateboarding, snowboarding, motocross, science fiction, comics and hot rods!

Why NFTs?

Roy believes that in today’s wacky weirdo world it’s time to decentralize and take the control of our money out of the hands of the Global Elite. NFTs on the Blockchain enable authenticity and proof of ownership that artists control, to cut out the jokers and the middlemen!

Which means – Now everyone will know these NFTs are true and authentic art from Roy, and he can earn his just due from the sales and proper royalties.

Roy also believes that NFTs can help build community, to keep folks with a shared interest in his art & vibe connected! So, he wants everyone who owns one of his NFTs, to be members of a community, who help bring his content properties to life! We are bringing the Realms of Roy to the world to entertain and enlighten people in these crazy times and for the crazier times to come.

Think of an NFT like a VIP backstage pass, which opens the door for you to – get advance opportunity to buy from all Roy drops, get invites to killer parties, be entered into raffles for things like custom art or private hang seshes with Roy, get special offers on merchandise, and more!

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We have ideas about which collections should come first, BUT WE WANT TO HEAR WHAT YOU THINK!

You guys know Roy’s art! … Which is your fav? Which is the gnarliest?  What piece is totally Roy Gonzalez?