2020 Collection

Inspired by the craziness of the pandemic, Gonzalez has created an entirely new collection of work that is poignant, beautiful, and humorous.


Don’t fuck with Mother Nature!  I did this piece back in 1999 when the world was in a Y2K panic! Here we are again, the world is totally upside down and this piece is more relevant than ever.  Mother Nature wearing a gas mask in a dog-eat-dog world, blinding charging into a Mickey Mouse infrastructure crutch with the youth of tomorrow trying to hold it up and modern science making another man-made virus, like a monkey with a gun, poisoning us all!  There’s good and evil on this planet so the good on one side is upset because the bad on the other is winning with his dagger of greed.  The sand of the hourglass is pouring out saying wake up before it’s too late!

-Roy Gonzalez

24 x 36” • Mixed media pencil and ink on matte heavyweight paper


Your Choice Your Life, Su Mate Su Vida.

I was born in east L.A., directly below Dodger stadium in Frog Town, Chavez Ravine. Being half Chicano and half Irish, I was a white looking kid in the barrio with a heavy Hispanic name. I was not in a good place growing up.  But then I was blessed forever because my father moved our family and got me to the coast to be free in the sea as a Native American, not a hardened oppressed brown man.  Some of mi Tios and Primos were not as blessed as me and ended up dead or in jail!  This piece means a lot to me – how blessed I am!

-Roy Gonzalez

21 x 24” • Mixed media pencil and ink on matte heavyweight paper


When we were young (up until now that we’re old), us surfers always had our golden parachute escape plan – as soon as the concrete jungle cracks and shit hits the fan, we just go to the tropics and surf happily ever after.  It’s not like that anymore!  The whole world is on mask lockdown! Creeeepyyy!

-Roy Gonzalez

14 x 17” • Mixed media pencil and ink on matte heavyweight paper


Living in Bali for many years was magical!  The waves were incredible and the Bali Hindu vibe so peaceful and beautiful. On the Hindu “Nyepi” New Years night they celebrate with dance and burn gigantic pieces of art to destroy the evil spirits, then go home and are not allowed to go outside for 24 hours.  All power and lights are turned off and the entire island is blacked out so evil spirits will leave their island for the New Year to begin. It was absolutely unbelievable to witness all the Hindus coming together in their belief. As I sat in darkness by myself looking at the perfect surf under the full moon with my imagination running WILD and kind of spooked on what was flying around in the darkness around me, I felt I needed to capture that moment with my interpretation of “Nyepi” night and this piece of art is what I drew from this experience ….Om Santi Santi Santi Om!

-Roy Gonzalez

21 x 24” • Mixed media pencil and ink on matte heavyweight paper


Just knowing we’re all part of the universe, stars to shine!                                   

-Roy Gonzalez

20 x 22” • Mixed media pencil and ink on matte heavyweight paper


This my interpretation of splitting the peak. Which way are you going to go?  The Illuminati shining his evil eye to divide us, that’s what they’ve always wanted us to do.  New World Order for the future or soul arching into a peace and love wave of unity for mankind!  We need share this wave together that we’re all riding to all make it through!  We the people!  United we stand, divided we fall!  Hypocrisy. Washington was a slave owner with fields of hemp, which the flag was made from and everything else before the cotton plume. He smoked weed daily and Benjamin Franklin loved his opium and cocaine – they were all heavy boozers and users at the top since the beginning, throwing the lower class in jail for doing the same thing – just as today. Don’t forget the bullet going in the back of Abe’s head for his different vision.  The government works for us – so get to work, stay in the channel as our caddy and wax ours boards!  You’re not Lords! This is the land of the free not a tyrannical land of hypocrisy!

-Roy Gonzalez

24 x 26” • Mixed media pencil and ink on matte heavyweight paper


Make it a double shot of strong hootch and toast it proud for all our Proud Pirate fallen waterman that would never be a part of the new corporate Kook money train! 

-Roy Gonzalez

18 x 24” • Mixed media pencil and ink on matte heavyweight paper